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Bakers and chocolatiers

Fortunately, many countries still have hundreds of bakeries and confectioners, because fresh from the bakery is always the best! Engels supplies various sturdy plastic bread bins for easy and well-protected transport of these treats. Engels also has various plastic containers, boxes, racks, dispensers and trolleys for the preparation and transport of chocolate and ice cream, a common addition to the range of bread and confectioners.

The Broban and other bread bins

bread binEach country has its own standard bread tray and we carry most of them from stock. One of the most common bread crates is the Broban bin; it has a unique intermediate stacking position, that allows loading in 3 different heights (intervals of 50, 100 or 160 mm). Engels also supplies the accompanying transport roller with display.

In addition to the bread crates, Engels supplies perforated or closed plastic crates and transport rollers made of sturdy plastic, suitable for food, available in various sizes and printed with, for example, your logo and / or company name.

Temperature-controlled transport in thermoboxes


Transporting cooled pastries in a car at the same time as oven-fresh bread is often difficult for the entrepreneur. For example, pastry in a non-refrigerated car becomes too hot and delicious, fresh bread loses its heat and crispness in a refrigerated car.

Engels has thermoboxes for this problem that are compatible with Broban bread crates and the accompanying dolly. Transporting five crates of bread, three boxes of pastry and two crates of raisin buns on a trolley, without loss of quality, is a piece of cake. Strong, impact and shock resistant, excellent insulation and very easy to clean.

Ingredient dispensers and hygiene bins

bread preparation binsBread and chocolate are prepared in a hygienic environment. Making dough or chocolate is a process where no unexpected ingredients should be present to make a good product.

For example, in the production of allergens or gluten-free breads no traces may be found of these. In those case, each production process (eg with or without allergens or butter products) has its own mixing and transport bins, which prevents cross-contamination.


Chocolate makers often works with low stackable binsand trays. We also supply mixing tubs, ingredient dispensers en hand tools, fully HACCP approved, for food processing.

chocolate traychocolate tray

Waste separation bins

Engels also provides various solutions for the separation and removal of waste. Hygienic pedal bin meet the HACCP guidelines and are available in 4 sizes: 30L, 45L, 70L and 90L and different colored lids. Combine the pedal bins in sets of 3 or more and they can be used as a waste separation station.

Stackable bins/ trays

Stackable bins, corresponding to the Euro standard sizes for an optimal logistics process

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Thermal boxes

Conditioned food transportation? Our insulated thermoboxes offer the solution!

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Stack and nest bins/ bread crates

If freight is paid for return volume, we usually do not opt for stackable bins, especially if the transport distance is large, but for nesting bins.

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For almost every bin, we can make a wheeled undercarriage to easily move a stack of Euronorm bins.

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