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General Conditions

  1. Definitions

    In these general sale terms below have the following meanings: 

    a General Conditions: these General Terms;. 
    b. Consumer Customer: Customer who is also a natural person not acting in the exercise of his or her profession; 
    c. Service (s): the service (s) to be carried out by Engels Logistics BV (Engels) for the benefit of the Client, as described in the Offer and / or the Order Confirmation; 
    d. Good (s) to deliver the goods or goods by Engels to the Client, as described in the Offer and / or the Order Confirmation; 
    e. Customer: The recipient of the Goods and / or Services provided by Engels; 
    f. Quotation: the offer of written Engels to the Customer with regard to the Engels by providing Goods and / or Services; 
    g. Order Confirmation: written confirmation of the agreement by Engels; 
    h. Agreement: The agreement between the Customer and Engels contains the conditions under which the Customer Engels gives the order to deliver Goods and / or Services; 
    i. Webshop: consult the web shop of Engels through

  2. General
    1. All quotations of, orders on and contracts with Engels These General Terms apply. By placing an order on the Webshop, the customer agrees to these Terms of Sale;
    2. The provisions may be waived only in writing in these Terms of Sale. The other provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall then remain unimpaired. The agreed derogations apply only to the Agreement establishing the derogations agreed.
    3. If the General Sales once been applied to an Agreement between the Customer and Engels, they are also without explanation applies to new agreements between the parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalidated, destroyed or otherwise wholly or partly be declared inapplicable or would lose its force, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Sale in full force and the parties shall replace the invalid, void, or inapplicable provision declared agree a provision to replace, as far as possible the purpose and intent of the invalid, void or inapplicable provision declared will be respected.
    5. General Purchasing used by the Customer do not apply and are expressly rejected by Engels. They are therefore not part of the Agreement, unless expressly agreed in writing to Engels.
    6. All rights and claims, as in these Terms and Conditions and any further agreements for the benefit of Engels are stipulated, are also stipulated for by Engels intermediaries and other third parties.
  3. Offers and agreements
    1. All offers on the Webshop and Quotations are free, unless otherwise agreed in writing, be as precise as possible and are based on the possible application information provided by or on behalf of Customer. The permissiveness of offers and quotations also apply to Customer's orders in Engels or Engels requests through its staff or any intermediaries. Bids shall be valid for two weeks, unless a different period in the offer or quotation is listed.
    2. A range of potential customer is deemed to have been made if a potential customer is entered in the appropriate input screen of the Webshop and the relevant data electronically sent to the Webshop the requested data. The agreement is only after acceptance of a new order to Engels. Engels is entitled to refuse orders or to attach special conditions to the delivery. If an order is not accepted, Engels state within ten (10) days after receipt of order.
    3. Customer Engels and expressly agree that by making use of the Webshop is a valid agreement. In particular, the lack of a signature does not affect the binding force of the offer and its acceptance. The electronic files of the Webshop apply as proof of payment and delivery.
    4. Order Confirmation includes all information relevant to the order as it will be implemented. The Customer is expressly obliged to immediately check the Order Confirmation and shall within eight (8) working days after dispatch to report any inaccuracies. Should such notification within the period prescribed in the preceding sentence, then Customer expressly not entitled to return to this later.
    5. The Customer is obliged - if outside the Netherlands should take place - on the implementation rules relating to mandatory nature of the country in which the Agreement must be implemented in any case before issuing a quotation from Engels to Engels publish make (by registered mail), failing which the matter of non-compliance of the aforesaid statutory regulations no liability can be done by Engels and will be accepted, regardless of the regulations of the country concerned.
    6. In offers, quotations, order confirmations, agreements and common Webshop obvious clerical errors bind Engels. Engels in this respect always entitled to adapt.
    7. Except for cash sales and payments agreements may be established from an oral order, an order by fax, letter or other media, or from an order through the Engels website. However, the Agreement shall only be concluded after the order is confirmed in writing by Engels through an Order Confirmation.
  4. Pictures, drawings, dimensions, weights, technical data, etc.
    1. Pictures, drawings, dimensions, weights and (technical) specifications both Engels as a third party comes and quotations, brochures, drawings, etc. are compiled Webshop without obligation and as accurate as possible, but give a general and not binding Engels.
    2. Engels expressly reserves the right, subject to the above changes and improvements to the information provided, which serve to make technical progress. The Customer may attach at law or otherwise claim any right.
    3. All through Engels advice, calculations, notifications and statements regarding the anticipated uses of Engels by providing Goods and / or Services are free of obligation and are provided only by way of non-binding information.
  5. Price
    1. All prices and offers are always based on the time of the offer and / or quotation applicable factory prices, material prices, etc.
    2. If after the date of the offer factory prices, material prices or other price-determining factors are increased, or if by changing one or more of these factors are changing the Engels margins, even if this is due already in the offer to unforeseen circumstances, then Engels is entitled to adjust its price, until such time as delivery has been made to the customer, even if the price were not given subject.
    3. If the price increase more than 10% with respect to the originally agreed price, the customer is entitled to a statement by registered mail or by e-mail, within three (3) business days from the date of the increase notice to terminate the Agreement without having to apply in respect of such dissolution any claim for damages can not do.
    4. If Engels turn a third of the implementation of the Agreement and the third party increases its prices, then Engels is entitled with immediate effect by calculating the new applicable prices and / or rates to the Customer.
    5. By Engels prices are always made in euros, unless expressly agreed otherwise and still excluding value added tax (VAT) and other equivalent taxes, and including in the framework of the Agreement, costs incurred, such as banking, shipping and administrative costs.
    6. All direct and indirect costs caused by delays or delays in the preparation, production or delivery of Goods and / or Services by the absence of instructions, information or cooperation of the Customer, shall be borne by the Client. The information provided by Engels relevant cost estimate is binding for the Customer.
    7. Offers are valid while stocks last.
  6. Changes in or cancellation of the order
    1. If by or on behalf of the Customer changes to original order changes of any kind, be applied, requires the express consent of Engels. Such consent may be given in writing or by email. The attached thereto additional costs are added to the Customer will be charged.
    2. If canceled, the Client obliged to Engels all already with to compensate for the purpose of execution of the order costs incurred.Also, Engels is entitled to compensation, large 25% of the agreed price, to bring the customer into account, without showing any damage obligation of Engels and without prejudice to the Engels right to compensation for the harm by cancellation was caused.
    3. By the client after providing the order yet granted changes and their implementation, have notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, the Customer timely, written in clear language to Engels be notified.
    4. Modification or cancellation of an order is neither allowed for in customized goods, or in respect of Goods which have already been sent for delivery.
    5. To enforcement of oral and / or by telephone urgent changes to a previously issued order, is entirely at the risk and expense of the Customer.
    6. Changing an already issued order can lead to modification of an originally agreed delivery time, in which case the provisions of Article 8 of those conditions will be fully applicable.
  7. Outsourcing to third parties
    1. Engels is entitled to partially or in its entirety order placed by the customer to outsource to a third party.
    2. Regarding manufactured by third parties Goods or parts of Goods and Services delivered or Engels is against to consider the customer only if the supplier and Engels is not required to stand in to the Customer for more than that for which the third party engaged enabled.
    3. Engels Upon request, the Customer will be on (legal) position direction in the preceding sentence shall third, especially regarding damage claims on a compensation obligation of the third party, with further information. In case of a claim will be Engels - without being obliged to pay any compensation - mediate between the third party and the Customer.
  8. Delivery
    1. Delivery will only be made if the Customer has fully fulfilled its payment obligations to Engels, in accordance with Article 12.
    2. If a delivery time is agreed, it starts from the moment by Engels, in accordance with Article 3 of these Terms of Sale, the Order Confirmation has been sent. If for the execution of the order given data are necessary or require the fulfillment of certain formalities, the first delivery period starts after the data is held by Engels, or have completed the required formalities. If required by Engels first payment in the provision of the order, the delivery time will start to run on the date such payment is received.
    3. The delivery times given by Engels are not binding and are therefore approximate only and never a deadline. Exceeding the delivery, Customer shall never be entitled to compensation, termination of the Agreement or breach of any obligation imposed on him could result from the relevant Agreement or any other related agreement with this Agreement, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Engels, which mistakes of its staff members or be understood by Engels third parties engaged not expressly below.
    4. Delay in the execution of the Agreement for any reason whatsoever, causes the personnel of Engels or subcontractors Engels included below automatically lead to an extension of the specified delivery period by as many days has come as the delays.
    5. Postponement of delivery requested by the customer may only be made with the express written consent of Engels. A delay for Engels resulting costs and losses borne by the Client. The information provided by Engels relevant cost estimate is binding for the Customer.
    6. In any case, the Customer - if he believes that Engels has exceeded the delivery - kept Engels written notice of default and Engels still allow an additional delivery period of fourteen (14) days.
    7. If the delivery of more than ten (10) weeks is exceeded, the customer is entitled to cancel an order regarding standard Goods without associated with the cancellation costs. By exceeding the delivery time is canceled in favor of the Customer specially ordered Goods, adjust Goods and / or to tailor Goods never possible.
    8. In respect of damage suffered by the Customer as a result of exceeding the delivery, shall, in full, in addition to the above provisions, as stipulated in article 16 of these conditions.
    9. Place of delivery is the place mentioned in the Order Confirmation. Getting to this place is done with own means of transport of Engels and / or third-party transport and at the cost of the Customer, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Delivery of orders of € 250.00 shall be made free in principle. From the moment of delivery to replace the Goods at the expense and risk of the Customer specified in the Order Confirmation.
    10. When changing the place of delivery, the customer required a minimum of ten (10) days for delivery, Engels not to do so in writing with full statement of the new place of delivery. Change of place of delivery is done only with the express written consent of Engels.If that higher transport costs will result, these in Customer will be charged.
    11. If Engels is not received due to circumstances beyond the control of Engels after payment than the purchase amount will not be returned by the Customer. The good remains the property of Customer. Engels Webshop take once these conditions no longer exist direct contact with the customer to deliver the product yet.
    12. All Engels by costs resulting from a failure or not properly fulfill the above described on the Customer obligations shall be borne by the Client.
    13. If the Customer's ordered good is not available, Engels has the power to send a similar good substitute. On the delivery of the replacement Well, these Terms and Conditions remain in full force.
  9. Packing and packaging
    1. The packaging of the goods to be delivered is tuned to transmission under normal conditions. Additional costs due to higher or other packaging requirements of the Client, shall be borne by the Client. The information provided by Engels relevant cost estimate is binding for the Customer.
  10. Suspension and termination
    1. Should the Customer: a not, not properly or timely fulfill any obligation arising from the Agreement in question or any other agreement concluded with Engels, financial liabilities included here, as well as obligations arising from Article 5;. b. hit by a seizure of his assets, which included the property belonging to his (im) movable property; c. self-petition for the bankruptcy of the company or the bankruptcy is filed by a third party; d. suspension of payments; e. the company does or liquidates still; f. under administration and / or guardianship and / or equivalent foreign variant is made; g. without the knowledge of Engels in any settlement with creditors exceeds or public claims by third parties after the expiry of the payment unpaid, Customer shall be deemed by operation of law, without further notice, to be in default and Engels entitled, without judicial intervention through the implementation of each of the customer Agreement concluded wholly or partly suspend or - at the choice of Engels - the Agreement (s) dissolve completely or in part by saying thus written statement, without being liable for any damages or warranty (more) without Engels, without prejudice the further Engels rights, including inter alia the right to return the Goods delivered by Engels and / or services for which the following applies further retention discuss in Article 11; and the right to full compensation.
    2. In all cases referred to in paragraph 1, all claims Engels on Customer and / or obtain immediately due and payable.
  11. Retention
    1. All delivered Goods will pass ownership to the Customer when the Customer both the agreed purchase price resulting from the agreement leading to delivery of the relevant right, as from others with the customer agreements concluded in this respect fully the supply of Goods / Services met. Until the moment of complete and proper performance by the Customer of any obligations to Engels, it remains well supplied therefore ownership of Engels.
    2. Until then, the Customer is not entitled to sell the Property or treatment / processing Engels unless granted permission in writing.The Customer is above not entitled to lend to let the intended good to others, to pledge or as security, in any way, do serve or otherwise bring into the actual control of a third party without written permission or consent by e-mail from Engels. In case permission is granted to Engels Goods of which retention of Engels peace by selling to a third party, the retention of title shall be notified in advance to the third party.
    3. In respect of Accesssion (article 5:14 BW) and mixing (article 5:15 BW) Customer commits now for then undertake with regard to Engels Goods delivered which may involve Accesssion respectively. mixing, regarding the applicability of the aforementioned legal provisions, the by classifying Engels Goods delivered as substantially in accordance with the law, so that a case as a result of accession or mixing to remain whole ownership of Engels until such time as the Customer the obligation referred to in paragraph 1 is met.
    4. The Customer is obliged to show Goods first request referred to in this article in Engels and, in the event of payment default, also in case of a dissolution under Article 10 if required directly to deliver to Engels.
    5. The Customer is also considered Engels now for then to have an irrevocable power of attorney granted to enter through Engels of all its land and buildings in order to inspect the condition of the Goods and, where appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Product in the preceding paragraph it to take.
    6. To be on Goods withdrawn under this article - provided the Goods are in good condition there, and / or otherwise for Engels are useful - Customer credited in accordance with the trade practices in the industry to determine fair value of the Goods at the time of withdrawal, subject to the offsetting of Engels law with that credit all financial obligations of the Customer (including compensation) towards Engels, subject to the provisions of Article 12 with regard to the allocation of payments.
    7. The Customer is obliged Goods insure referred to in this article from the risks of fire, theft, storm and water damage, such that the clause is contained in the relevant insurance policy that the insurance also runs on Goods and / or Third Party Services .
    8. The Customer is expressly prohibited any claim to its insurer under an insurance policy as in the previous paragraph referred to, in so far related to this article referred Goods and / or Services to third parties in pledge or as security in the broadest want to do the word to others to serve. Payment in respect of damage or loss of the Goods referred to in this article and / or Services takes the place of the relevant Goods and / or Services.
  12. Payment
    1. Payment of an order placed via the Webshop can click on the following ways: Prepayment (Bank Transfer), Ideal, Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa). Other payment options will be made known through the internet site. Of the aforementioned payment methods, with the exception of payment, can be used only if the conditions of such methods - including monitoring the creditworthiness and authorization of the potential customer - are met.
    2. The Customer is not entitled to set off outstanding invoices against any claim whatsoever in Engels, nor to impose Customer detriment of Engels authority batter among themselves.
    3. If the Customer is not made within the payment period specified in paragraph 1, he shall be deemed to be legally in default and without being required any warning or notice of default from the due date until the date of payment the statutory interest due, without prejudice to the further Engels rights.
    4. Payments are processed in accordance with article 6:44 of the Civil Code by the Customer, therefore payments shall first be deducted from the costs, then the (published and pending) interest and finally to reduce the principal owed.
    5. In case of non-fulfillment of the payment by the Customer is Engels jurisdiction the Agreement with immediate effect without dissolve further notice or (further) delivery of Goods and / or Services and / or services to be suspended until such time as the Customer (payment) obligations have been fully complied with, the payment of interest and costs thereof.
  13. Cost
    1. The Customer is in Engels outside obligations under these Terms and Conditions of the contracted agreement (s) will also owe all extrajudicial and judicial costs incurred by Engels order fulfillment, dissolution or compensation under the given Agreement (s) whether or not Straight to demand the Customer.
    2. Extrajudicial costs are payable by the Customer, in any case where Engels is the matter of legal assistance, including recovery of future amounts of Engels, has secured the assistance of a third party.
    3. Without prejudice to any other rights and claims amount to extrajudicial costs in any event at least 10% of the principal amount, respectively. of the amount for which the Engels Customer appeals or appeals to the Customer Engels, with a minimum of € 250.00 excl. VAT.
  14. Retention law
    1. Engels is empowered to surrender production upon it in the context of the legal relationship concerned, or otherwise as part of a regular contact Engels resident to suspend until the Customer with its obligation to compensate the Engels ago damage and pay him outstanding amounts, including interest and costs, have been fulfilled.
  15. Warranty, complaints and returns
    1. Engels is the soundness of the delivered Goods and / or Services, the material used and its a decent quality. For Goods and / or Services does not manufacture Engels / supplies shall not be granted a wider guarantee by Engels, then it obtained from its supplier (s). Optionally, Engels will be the Client in respect of this guarantee further information.
    2. If the by Engels Goods delivered prove inadequate or poor-quality, Engels is limited to replacement of the Product by other similar Goods against return of the replacement Product, or - at the choice of Engels - to repay the invoice amount in respect of Goods to be replaced, so to return these Goods.
    3. Without prejudice to the conditions determined in respect of liability, Engels is never obliged to repair or compensation of any form of indirect or consequential damages caused replaced by Engels Product.
    4. The Customer is only entitled to warranty in accordance with these terms if and when the Customer to all its payment obligations Engels met.
    5. Any advertising as in this article should include a clear description of the complaint. Complaints done otherwise or provided to third parties are void and will not be considered.
    6. Measures further specifying the provisions of paragraph 1 shall complaints regarding visible defects or deficiencies relating to quantities, sizes and finishes within eight (8) days after receipt of soundness or quantities, sizes and finishes to be verified in writing by the Customer or by e-mail to be notified in Engels, failing which the Customer is deemed to have been unconditionally accept the delivery.
    7. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 13, the Customer complaints due to hidden defects by registered letter to submit within eight (8) days of discovery.
    8. Is there a consumer than the option in paragraph 6 and 7 period (8) days, but it is suspected that the well at delivery did not comply with the Agreement if the deviation from the agreement within a period of six (6 ) months after revealing episode, unless the nature of the case or the nature of the deviation opposes.
    9. Complaints do not entitle the Customer payment of the invoice relating to the delivery of the Goods and / or Services to which the complaints relate or other invoices to suspend.
    10. Engels is not obliged to honor complaints related to defects or errors prescribed by or on behalf of the customer design, construction method and the like.
    11. Nor can Engels in respect of liability to be addressed if there is improper use of the by Engels Goods and / or Services or if edited by Engels Goods and / or Services then by or on behalf of the Client by third parties, repaired or otherwise altered.
    12. Only standard products that have not been accepted in accordance with this provision, may, within eight (8) days after delivery to be returned to Engels, if they are undamaged. Especially for the benefit of the customer ordered, custom or customized goods can never be returned. In case of return, the customer 75% of the relevant relevant Goods and / or Services credited invoiced price.The remaining 25% is due to the Customer toward administration. In addition, the customer in case of return due to the associated freight costs to Engels.
    13. Any claim from lapsed under this Article 12 months after the invoice date of the invoice relating to the delivery in which the Goods and / or Services in respect of which they wish to make the customer advertising are included, unless expressly authorized in writing or by e -mail otherwise.
  16. Odds
    1. Interference in the business of Engels as a result of force majeure (as such will under these conditions governed agreements between the parties at least, but not limited to force majeure subject to the following conditions: war, mobilization, riots, floods, traffic jams transport, stagnation or reduction or discontinuation of supplies of public utilities, lack of resources to energy, fire, accidents, strikes, lockouts, action by trade unions, which provide and / or produce impossible or unreasonably onerous, government measures, not delivery necessary materials, goods and / or services and / or semi-finished products in Engels by third parties, loss of business as intended for delivery to the customer, and other unforeseen circumstances, including in the country of origin of the goods, which is the normal way in Engels disrupt, and the execution of the order (s) delay or reasonably impossible) means that Engels is relieved of the obligation to comply with the agreed delivery and / or its obligation to deliver, without the Customer in that respect any right to compensation damages, costs and interest can apply. Engels Customer shall notify immediately if an event of force majeure referred to in the preceding sentence occurs.
    2. 16.2 If the force majeure has to be assessed can both Engels and the Customer terminate the Agreement in whole or in part by a permanent saying thus written statement. Of permanent force majeure is in any case if the force majeure lasts longer than four months. Neither Engels nor the Customer may in such cases be claimed damages.
  17. Liability
    1. Subject to generally applicable rules of law and order and except as provided in the Civil Code provisions on product liability (Article 6: 185 t / m 6: 193 BW) applies satisfaction by Engels its obligation to supply, subject to the terms concerning warranty and claims is regulated in Article 15, still ruled as sole and full compensation and any other claim for compensation on the part of the Customer.
    2. Engels shall be liable to the Client, other than a consumer, never liable to pay costs, damages and interest due to personal accidents. Engels shall be liable to the Client never obliged to pay costs, damages and interest for damage to movable and immovable property, the loss of on Goods and / or Services added value as a result of the whole or partially, directly or indirectly to the Customer or any third party causes and damages of any kind even further unless the Customer proves that the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Engels.
    3. Engels is towards the Customer be liable for damages suffered by the Customer as a result of claims by third parties own staff understood below, following damage of any kind caused by the Goods supplied by Engels to the Client (by) and / or services.Among the claims of third parties referred to above include claims based on legal provisions on product liability.
    4. The Client is obliged as an expert with the deliverable Engels Goods and / or Services to go and use it in a correct manner and not use improper in any case, or use it for any purpose other than for which it to objective measures are appropriate.
    5. Engels not acknowledge any liability for consequential damage, indirect damage, lost savings and profits or turnover, in any sense whatsoever, or in any way caused by Engels, unless there is intent on the part of Engels there or gross negligence.
    6. On request, Engels prepared to advise the customer oriented with respect to any particular use, provided that Customer Engels informs comprehensively and accurately reflect the intended use. At all times will process the opinions held on the responsibility of the Customer itself.
    7. For damage directly or indirectly the result of an opinion referred to in paragraph 6 or assembly or repair work carried out at the request of the Customer is subject to all that is laid down in that provision, noting that what is spoken about product under damage directly or indirectly the result of an opinion should be read or performed assembly or repair provided by Engels, "product and / or service liability.
    8. Customer represents Engels harmless in respect of all damage by Engels suffered as a result of any damage claims from third parties, own staff of the Customer understood below, following damage caused by Goods and / or Services due to Engels (by) explicitly below included claims based on legal provisions on product liability and / or liability as well as a result of breach by Engels patent and / or other intellectual property rights resulting from use by or on information provided on behalf of the Customer, drawings, manufacturing instructions on Goods and / or services and / or method to be used (n), and the like.
    9. To the extent that Engels is asserted as paragraph 8 referred to the Customer Engels fully reimburse all costs of legal and other assistance, which should make Engels in respect of such damage claims, including, but not limited to the conduct of the defense, negotiation, etc. these costs are considered to be at least 15% of the claimed damages in amounts, without prejudice to recover the rights of Engels actually by Engels incurred legal costs to the Customer.
    10. Notwithstanding the above provisions is Engels to the Customer be liable for an amount greater than the amount of the relevant Agreement with the Customer stipulated price on the delivery of the Goods and / or Services that gave rise directly or indirectly to the injury, delay damages explicitly included.
    11. In all cases where the Customer under this provision is required to indemnify Engels, he is also obliged to provide on demand of Engels hearing to safeguard its call Engels in legal proceedings.
    12. The right to demand compensation shall in respect of all contracts governed by these conditions after a period of six (6) months after the invoice date.
    13. If Engels, notwithstanding the above, be liable for any damages, Engels only accepts liability insofar as this liability is covered by its insurance to the amount of the payment made by the insurance.
    14. If the insurance in any case not going to pay, Engels is never liable for more than the invoice amount of the relevant Agreement.
    15. The Client will indemnify Engels for all third party claims against Engels.
    16. In these Terms and Conditions listed exclusions or limitations of liability do not apply if the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence of Engels or its managerial staff.
  18. Distance right of rescission
    1. The Customer expressly waives its right to demand termination of the Agreement as provided for in Article 6: 265 BW and later because of a failure to perform on the part of Engels, unless there is a situation as provided for in Article 16 of this General sales-agreements.
  19. Intellectual property rights
    1. The Client declares itself by providing the command unconditionally accept the fact that all intellectual property rights arising from the by Engels in the context of the implementation of the Agreement made or used calculations, models, drawings, descriptions, sketches and diagrams remain vested become vested respectively in Engels, without prejudice to any contribution to the creation of such works by or on behalf of the Customer. If such work to the customer to put it than he is obliged to express secrecy and not permitted without written permission from Engels to make them hand work to third parties and / or reproduce.
  20. Consumers Agreement
    1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the agreement between the Engels and the Consumer Client entered into agreements, unless otherwise is mandatory by law. come to the Consumer Customer as applicable as described to the right of the mandatory provisions contained in Book 7, Title 1, Sections 1 t / m 7 BW. The Agreement between the Customer and Consumer Engels Article 6:96 of the Civil Code and the Decree on compensation for extrajudicial collection costs shall apply mutatis mutandis.
    2. In the event any provision of this section is in conflict with a provision of the Articles 1 / m 19 and 20 of these General Terms prevail the provision of this article.
    3. Within 14 days of receiving the Good / Goods Consumer Customer is entitled to terminate the Agreement without charge. The 14 day period is referred to as the reflection. Consumer Customer is obliged to receive in case of dissolution during the reflection Well within 14 days to return after the dissolution of Engels in the state where the Consumer Customer has received Good. The cost of returning the good shall be borne by the Consumer Customer.
    4. If the Consumer Customer dissolves the Agreement during the period of reflection, it bears Engels within 14 days of care for repayment of the Consumer Customer to Engels paid through a bank or giro transfer, provided the returned Well received by Engels.
    5. Engels refund subject to the provisions of Article 20.3 last sentence only shipping insofar as they see standard shipping.
    6. The law does not specifically ordered for the benefit of the Consumer Customer for Goods to terminate without giving reasons within the grace period, have been modified or customized, as well as software with or without seals or other products whose broken the seal.
    7. Engels is not liable for any damage, theft or loss included- that occurs when returning to the package or the Good.
  21. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    1. All through these General Terms and mastered offers, quotations, order confirmations and agreements are subject to Dutch law, with explicit exclusion of the CISG.
    2. All disputes relating to or arising from the agreements concluded with Engels respectively cast offers, Quotations and Order confirmations brought exclusively before the competent court of the District Court East Brabant.
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