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Introducing our Hygienic Pallet, measuring 800x600x160 mm. This pallet is designed for various applications and offers a hygienic solution for your storage and transportation needs.

Our Hygienic Pallet is equipped with three skids, ensuring stability and support. It features a closed deck and does not have edges, providing a spacious and accessible surface for your goods.

With a weight of 9 kg, it strikes a balance between sturdiness and ease of handling. It is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

This pallet boasts impressive load-bearing capabilities:

Statically admissible load: 3,000 kg
Dynamically admissible load: 750 kg
Admissible load in a rack: 500 kg
Whether you require storage in a warehouse, transportation of goods, or any other application, our Hygienic Pallet is a reliable choice. Its hygienic design, closed deck, and durable HDPE material make it suitable for various industries.

Opt now for our Hygienic Pallet for a versatile and dependable solution to your storage and transportation needs. Its high load capacity and hygienic features make it an excellent choice for your logistical requirements.

Hygienic pallet, 800x600x160 mm on 3 skids no rims HDPE

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Impact-resistant, moisture, and chemical resistant
Easy and hygienic to clean
100% recyclable and circular

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Hygienic pallet, 800x600x160 mm on 3 skids HDPE
33-8060 D
Hygienic pallet, 800x600x160 mm on 3 skids HDPE

Dimensions L:800 x W:600 x H:160

Color dark-grey

Weight 9.1 kg

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