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Our mission

Mission statement

The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. We intend to maintain our growth towards a position in the European premier league by being a professional partner for our clients as well as our suppliers. This by the:

  • Quality of our products, consultation and service
  • Creativity of our proposed solutions
  • Clarity and accessibility of our communication
  • Completeness of our product range

Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, storage systems, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers. This supported by our electronics, software and services for waste collecting and logistics.


Quality statement

Quality statement

Ons kwaliteitszorgsysteem is in het leven geroepen met als enig doel bovengenoemde missie te realiseren. Onze zelfstandige afdeling kwaliteitsbewaking bevordert en bewaakt dit, direct onder de verantwoordelijkheid van, en gesteund door de directie.


  • Samenwerking met vaste, uiterst gekwalificeerde en ISO gecertificeerde toeleveranciers zodat de fysieke kwaliteit van het geleverde product zeker gesteld is.
  • Controle op locatie bij nieuwe leveranciers en leveranciers met kwaliteitsproblemen om klachten te voorkomen in plaats van ze op te lossen.
  • Bewaking van het productieproces. Elke interne productieorder wordt afgetekend, gescand en gearchiveerd door de verantwoordelijke. We streven naar totale traceerbaarheid. In het magazijn wordt elk product gecontroleerd bij afleveringen en voor uitlevering.
  • Meten van onze prestatie. Doorlooptijden, foutenpercentages, beschikbaarheid van producten houden we bij, zodat we ontspannen levertijden kunnen beloven en ons er zeker van kunnen voelen dat onze klanten altijd tevreden, of nog liever blij verrast, zullen zijn als ze onze levering ontvangen.

ISO 9001 quality standard

The ISO 9001 quality standard underlines the quality guarantee for design, development, production and service of Engels Logistiek BV. The ISO 9001 contains requirements for a quality management system, with which an organization:

  • demonstrates that it is able to consistently deliver products that meet customer requirements and applicable legal requirements.
  • ensures customer satisfaction through effective application of the system, including through processes aimed at continuous improvement and the prevention of non-conformity.

Certificate Engels Logistiek NEN-EN-ISO 9001

ISO 14001 quality standard

At Engels, we believe the future of our planet and future generations to be of great importance. Quality and sustainability are two of our core values. In concrete terms, this means that we take measures to produce CO-2 neutral, reduce our energy consumption, invest in solar energy, drive company cars in A and B labels only and that our new trucks meet the strictest EURO standards. We also take these environmental aspects into account in our supplier selection.

Certificate Engels Logistiek NEN-EN-ISO 14001

Sustainability statement

The Engels Group thinks in terms of generations rather than short-term profit, the future of our planet is at heart. Our environmental management system underlines this. It focuses primarily on the prevention of soil, air and water pollution as well as the efficient use of raw materials.

Our environmental management system is integrated into our quality system and appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of the activities of Engels Group.

Key points:

  • Integration of "best practices" in our company handbook to minimize negative consequences of our actions on the environment.
  • Education of all employees of Engels Group; so they understand the necessity to limit the negative effects of our activities on the environment, especially in terms of energy consumption, CO2 emission and waste flows. If necessary Engels Group supports participation in training. Active participation is strongly encouraged.
  • Optimization of the raw material and energy efficiency within the organization. The ultimate aim is to achieve resource- and energy-neutral operations accordingly to the "Cradle to Cradle" principle.
  • Commitment to legislation in the area of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.

We can proudly present that Engels Logistiek BV has been officially certified in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 14001 since December 2014.

Recycling statement

Engels Group complies with the "cradle to cradle" philosophy. We put reuse (via our outlet-website) on the 1st and recycling on the 2nd place. With every delivery of crates, pallets or pallet boxes, Engels guarantees to repurchase if the customer wishes so.

Recycling and Engels Industrial Compound

Engels supplies many hundreds of thousands of plastic bins every year. Where do these products stay when their life-cycle ends or if they are damaged? The simple answer is: These bins are completely being recycled!

Engels takes back the used plastic bins, pallets and pallet boxes. The products are, if they can no longer be used, shredded. After shredding, the material is processed into granulate in a compounder. This "new" granulate, made from existing plastic, has properties that are generally comparable to new material.

The material is tested and documented, so that the former plastic trays can be reused again in another application after this "rejuvenation treatment".

We call this alternative for new / virgin material Engels Industrial Compound. As a result, the circle is complete and valuable raw materials can be re-used again and again.

Products made from this recycled plastic can be recognized by the green marking below. duurzaamheids statement

E-line stackable bins - sustainable

E-line and Euroline stackable cases

E-line Normbox stackable bins with lid

E-line attached lid containers - sustainable

E-line Storebin heavy duty storage bins

E-line & Palox pallet boxes

E-line Mepal industrial pallets

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