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public waste containers

Public waste containers

Above-ground waste containers

More and more waste goes underground, but that's not always possible. Above-ground waste containers are easy to install without much digging and hitting pipes.

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Semi-underground waste containers

The Tièrso is not only a neat solution but also cheap in use: It consists only of a silo and an inner bin

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Underground waste containers

Apyra; An aesthetic solution that takes up very little space and is therefore ideal in urban areas.

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Service and maintenance

Engels offers a wide range of services for the implementation, communication and maintenance of your waste collection systems and wheelbins.

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Engels provides both services and products for waste collection with mini containers, above and (semi) underground containers. Our services range from services such as fraction stickers to the service for the introduction and/or modernization of above and underground waste collection systems. We take care of the entire communication, automation and production.

From pick-up to delivery systems

Engels has been involved in waste separation for three decades. For example, we have already delivered millions of environmental boxes, paper baskets and mini containers to countries throughout Europe. Nowadays we don't like to see collectors doing (too) heavy work. The emphasis has shifted from collection to delivery systems. In 2005, this is one of the reasons why Engels introduced its product line of underground and semi-underground waste containers.

The steel waste containers are produced in-house as much as possible. The German branch of Engels has modern machinery and experienced welders for this. With this we not only guarantee quality, but we also offer flexibility. From the design team in the Netherlands to production in Germany, we have everything in-house.

Underground and semi-underground waste collection has a number of significant advantages over collection with the well-known 2- and 4-wheel containers.

  • First of all, the volume per container is considerably larger (up to 5000 litres), which means that savings can be made on the number of journeys and thus emptying costs.
  • It is also a solution that takes up very little space and is therefore ideal in urban areas, for example. But our (semi-)underground containers also fit in perfectly in the countryside, at recreational areas or along the highway.
  • We offer a choice of plastic and concrete/steel. Due to their steel construction, our waste containers are completely fireproof. But plastic also has advantages: they can be placed with light material and are easy to keep in stock.

Our waste containers can of course be put together according to your wishes. This way you determine the fraction, fraction colors and the appearance of the container yourself.

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