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The Tièrso Eco is a semi-underground waste container with an outer tub made of durable HDPE and a robust bag or steel inner bin for the waste. The Tierso Eco is available in three 3 volumes; 1300 litres, 3000 litres. and 5000 l.

Basic version

  • single hook lifting system
  • one lockable deposit flap
  • wooden cladding
  • indication of waste fraction of your choice

Customer-specific accessories

A plate with a logo can easily be mounted on a wooden finish. The lids can be provided in all possible RAL colors and can also be provided with a logo or instructions for use.

Other options with additional price:

  • steel liner and/or double liner
  • reinforced carrying bag with hinged bottom
  • recording system of your choice
  • aluminum or PE plastic slats covering
  • double insert flap or hinged hood
  • various locks
  • access control

External body

The external body is a closed one-piece HDPE body. The container has 4 points in which you can insert rebar to fix the container in concrete. It is also possible to place the container on 4 feet on concrete or stabilize it in a bed of sand. Depending on the soil composition, the concrete irons or legs may or may not be necessary. The structural ribs provide sufficient reinforcement to ensure strength against the pressure of the soil and ensure better adhesion in the substrate.

Any liquids are collected in a collection reservoir that is easy to empty so that hygiene is not hindered.

The visible part can be finished with impregnated wood (= standard) or with plastic slats (recycled PE).

Internal container: Inner bag or Hard shell

Inner bag

The inner bag is often used for the residual waste and PMD fractions. The inner bag can easily be removed from the container by means of 4 loops or the hook on the top of the container. To open the inner bag you simply pull a release cord. This cord has a double lock and is positioned on the side of the bag. The SWL (safety working load) is 1250 kg.

Hard shell

The steel inner container is used for fraction Glass and GFT. The metal inner container is made of Sendzimir in combination with galvanized steel. The inner container is manipulated by means of a single hook lifting system. The bottom valve is also a drip tray / collection reservoir. The bottom flap is actuated by a rope on the closing lip of the bottom flap. The SWL (safety working load) is 2500 kg.

Top/lid of the container

The top cap is made of black HDPE and has one or two deposit valves with lid, which are available in a number of standard colours and can be locked with a triangular key if desired. Diameter of the insertion opening at a 5000L is +/- 570mm. Diameter of the insertion opening at a 3000L is +/- 370mm. The insert lids are equipped with a double ergonomic handle.

Access control

The Tièrso Eco can be supplied with access control, so that only users with an access pass, such as residents of a building or area, can use the waste facility or by Pay-per-use.

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