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The Identification Clip for Dishwasher Baskets offers a simple yet effective solution for categorising and marking dishwasher contents in busy commercial kitchens. This small but vital component ensures that the staff can quickly identify the contents of each basket, improving efficiency and helping to maintain a smooth workflow.

Crafted from robust, water-resistant materials, the clip is built to endure the hot and often wet conditions found in dishwashers. Its easy-to-attach design means it can be securely fastened to a variety of dishwasher baskets with minimal effort.

Whether it's to denote the type of cutlery or crockery within, to indicate a specific cleaning cycle, or to assign baskets to certain areas or staff members, this Identification Clip is an indispensable tool for kitchen organisation. Enhance your kitchen's functionality with this practical item.

Clip for dishwashing rack, yellow

Article code: CR10-1
Unbreakable, wear-resistant, and chemically resistant
Dishwasher safe and very long lifespan
100% recyclable and circular

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