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Sentry: the smart solution for organic waste

More and more municipalities and waste collectors strive to reduce residual waste. The best way to do this is to separate waste at the source. By enabling habitants to separate their waste in different waste streams you can reduce the bulk waste.

A special point of attention applies to the organization of the waste streams in concentrated residential areas such as apartment buildings and residential groups. By sharing waste bins and containers they can reduce costs and achieve better separation returns.

The success of waste separation in appartment buildings

First of all, the involvement of residents is crucial. It must be as easy as possible for them to separate the organic waste from the residual waste. In addition, our standard above-ground containers such as the Casino or Aero are sometimes too large for the amount of organic waste, so that they take up an unnecessary amount of space and are emptied less frequently. This causes odor nuisance, especially in the summer. The solution for this is the Sentry, designed and developed in-house.

  • Durable and sturdy metal GFT housing
  • To be fitted with a 2-wheel container of 240 L
  • Sentry can be emptied on the same route as nearby 2-wheel containers
  • Fits within Diftar municipality, due to expansion with access control system
  • Ideal for high-rise buildings

To easily separate organic waste from other waste, a compact and practical waste bin that fits in the cupbaord is a perfect solution. The small organic waste bucket takes up little space, is easy to carry with the sturdy handle and has a lid that prevents unpleasant odors and remains closed if the bucket falls.

Engels offers small organic waste buckets from 5 upto 25 liter. View our in stock bio waste buckets .

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