Dental Laboratories

For years, our strong transport bins are used for the transport of dental workpieces, by the postal companies and as internal packaging in hospitals. The dental boxes are made of virtually unbreakable polypropylene. Optionally with personal imprint by hot stamp (in letters or cliché). By using returnable packaging you will save waste because they will last a life time and fit in every logistics process.


Presentation is everything: customers are happier with braces in a nice package. Also particularly suitable for mouth bits. Made of semi-transparent, unbreakable PP. Provided with sticker field. Optional with your logo depending of the ordering quantity.

The dimensions of our instrument trays are adapted to standard equipment. They are a professional alternative to the folded napkin. And a prosthesis is neatly finished in a clean, almost sterile, packaging. Water cups are, in addition to the standard white, also available in more representative colours such as pastel blue and mint green.

Collection bins

For the separate collection of your disposables, Engels offers both standard and customized collection bins. By collecting drinking cups and trays separately in waste bins, you ensure clean waste flows. Trays are basically a disposable product, but the plastic material can be hygienically cleaned and therefor be reused. We also supply approved waste bins for the collection of chemical waste, such as amalgam residues, fixing liquids, etc..


UN-approved transport bins for all types of hazardous waste

Dental practices release hazardous waste such as amalgam residues, fixing fluids, etc. All these hazardous wastes are o

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