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Hospital waste

Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, general practices, elderly homes, pharmacies: all places where specific hospital waste occurs. Skilled management of clinical waste is vital for any organization that produces hazardous waste. Strict legislation is in place to prevent damage to the environment and the health of personnel and organization.

Legislation concerning medical waste

The ADR (international legislation for the transport of dangerous goods) and the EURAL (European Waste List) distinguish between "unspecified hospital waste" and waste with a serious, known risk of contamination.

The first group forms the bulk of the waste. Unspecified hospital waste are residues from the medical treatment of people, animals or from biological research, where the presence of infectious substances is minimal. These residues are covered by the UN 3291 regulations with accompanying packaging instruction P621. This type of hospital waste must be disposed of and incinerated by specialized companies or special departments of waste processing companies. We supply a broad range of boxes and containers approved for this type of waste.

Ensure cost savings and safety. Engels is more than glad to share her knowledge!

International legislation also allows sterilization instead of burning, a much cheaper alternative. After sterilization, there is no longer any special legislation, and the residues can be processed like normal waste. Until that moment, the waste stream falls under the legislation for "Transport of Dangerous Goods", also on the hospital's premises. We offer logistical solutions so your organization can manage, store and dispose clinical waste according to the legislation.

Engels supplies UN-approved systems for the disposal of clinical waste, based on the use of sturdy bags and 4-wheel containers. In many cases it is no longer necessary to work with expensive one-way packaging, but plastic bags can be sufficient (reducing your costs: bags cost no more than 5% of the price of kegs). The corresponding waste bags are printed in the prescribed manner, and we supply corresponding, strong and easy to clean bag holders.

Another cost reduction can be obtained by a more thorough separation of the medical waste, for example by dismantling the needles, which reduces the amount of expensive medical waste.

Our added value for your container park: customized wheelbins

customized wheelbinsOur UN-approved waste containers can be fitted with pulling rod systems, lid openers with foot pedal, is equipped for handling with fork-lift trucks and much, much more.

Needle cups

Needle cups are equipped with an innovative temporary locking system: a single push of a button allows safe opening and closing. The filling capacity is optimal in relation to the volume.

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Medical waste containers

The waste containers are hermetically closed by means of a sealing kit on the edge of the lid and 11 soft pressure points. The hospital waste container is absolutely watertight after closing the lid.

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Hospital waste containers

Our reinforced, lockable 240, 360, 660 and 770 lt. hospital waste containers are UN tested and approved for transport of hospital waste.

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