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Plastic welding

One third of our supplied packaging is custom-designed, manufactured and assembled work. Often the solution lies in adjusting an existing product, rather than investing in a completely new one. Example: we have a bin, but it is just a little too short, or not wide enough. Then we customize our product!

Plastic welding from box to completely unique product

Injection molds for pallet boxes cost more than one million Euro. Therefore, deviating heights, lengths and insertion openings can not be realized in series that can carry this type of investment. Sawing and welding is usually the best solution.

We have the production facilities, materials and resources to deliver customized products either on a small scale, as for large series of products. Our assembly department has extensive expertise in cutting, welding, gluing and stapling various types of plastic. In this way a large variety of dimensions pallet boxes and pallets are within range.

We weld plastic by the following methods:

  1. When using a hot air heater, the parts wich need to be welded are heated enough to make them merge.
  2. Welding with a an extruder is a similair process, only now extra material is added by means of a plastic wire.
  3. A third method is mirrorwelding. Here the parts that have to be welded are held against a heated plate (the mirror). The heat of the plate is transferred to the plastic, causing is to melt locally. Then the mirror is removed and the parts are pressed together. After cooling down the connection is final. A good weld results is a very strong connection and thus an excellently usable, new product.

Welding with a hot air heater

draadlassenPrecise craftsmanship. The plastic wire is melted in the weld.

Welding with a an extruder

lassen-lekbakPlastic is extruded into the seam, the surrounding area is heated

Mirror welding of bins, pallets and pallet boxes

Manual welding often results in aberrations between the products, using the mirror welding machine all bins will be identical. The mirror welding machine remembers the adjustment for each product. The use of molds for positioning guarantees reproducibility.

Advantages of mirror welding:

  • Different sizes possible; in both height and length, shorter or longer
  • Strong weld, the weld is stronger than the surrounding material
  • Reproducibility, with manual welding differences can arise between the products. Mirror welding produces identical products.
  • Cost-efficient, a fully customized product can be realized in a relatively short time.

See also the mirror welding of plastic containers and pallets below.

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