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UN certified storage containers

If containers are used for the transport of hazardous (waste) substances, they fall under the packaging rules of the ADR when transported over land. Requirements are set for labelling and printing, (liquid) density and resistance to falling and stacking at high and low temperatures. Over the years, we have built up considerable expertise in this area.

Transport of hazardous substances

Packaging for the cross-border transport of dangerous goods, i.e. hazardous substances, must be certified according to United Nations (UN) standards. The international agreements for the transport of dangerous goods require packaging to meet a certain design and to be certified by a national competent authority. Over the years, Engels has built up considerable expertise in this field with its range of UN certified bins, drums and pallet boxes.

What does the UN mark mean?

The transport of dangerous goods is only permitted in UN-approved packaging. The UN mark indicates that the packaging corresponds to a prototype that has been tested and complies with the regulations. Please note that there is a difference between a UN mark and a UN number. A UN mark is assigned to a packaging, a UN number is the number assigned to hazardous substances and goods. 

There are three categories of packaging groups:

  • Packing group I for very dangerous substances
  • Packing group II for dangerous substances
  • Packing group III for less dangerous substances

Packaging in packaging group I has to pass more stringent tests than packaging in groups II and III. This concerns, for example, drop, stacking or air pressure tests. After the inspection, the packaging (in English therefore UN-approved bins, drums and pallet boxes) are provided with a UN mark. The UN mark on UN-approved packaging consists of a code from which you can read what type of packaging it is and to what extent it has been tested.
The requirements are related to:

  • Labelling and printing
  • (Liquid) density
  • Drop and stack resistance at high and low temperatures


For rigid plastics IBCs and combination IBCs, there is limited validity in use of UN approved packaging (UN mark 11h2). For English UN approved containers, there is unlimited validity in use, except if there is a change in the design. For example, if the material use or the construction of the packaging changes and deviates from the first approved prototype, then the UN certification mark expires and the UN approved packaging must be retested.

The validity of the approval report (certificate) that an approval authority records after awarding a UN mark varies from country to country. For Engels, all our test reports are valid indefinitely, because they are issued in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is of course ensured that the conditions for unlimited validity are met.

For example:

UN 4H2/Y30/S/17/

UN transportbak

This UN-mark concerns the series of transport containers with base dimensions 600x400 with reinforced lid and triangular lock.

with following specifications;

UNUnited Nations
4H2Rigid plastic boxes
YPackaging group II/III
30Maximum permitted gross weight of the packaging including the content in kg
SApproved for solids
15Last two digits of the year of manufacture
BCountry where the UN certificate was issued
ENGELSManufacturer's name or code
080099Certificate registration number

How ensures Engels that their packaging is UN-approved ?

Engels follows all procedures to UN certify its products and keep them certified to comply with the rules of ADR. We must ensure that Engels' UN-certified packaging continues to meet a number of necessary conditions. We have the testing of UN bins up to 100 kg under our own management. The drop test machine required for this is located in our premises. We test all larger/heavier products at the Belgian Packaging Institute (

A short description of the conditions for certification and an overview of the substances that may be transported and stored in UN certified containers can be found in the Test Reports/UN Certifications section of this site.

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  1. Transport box, 600x400x170 mm, UN-certified
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  2. Transport box 600x400x235 mm, UN-certified
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  3. Transport box, 600x400x295 mm, UN-certified
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  4. Transport box, 600x400x355 mm, UN-certified
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  5. Transport box, 600x400x440 mm, UN-certified
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  6. Distribution bin 20L UN-X
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  7. Distribution bin 25L UN-X
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  8. Distribution bin 60L UN-X
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  9. UN approved pallet box 610L 1200x1000x795 mm with interior straps
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  10. UN approved pallet box 610L 1200x1000x795 mm
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  11. Palletbox ADR-UN 1200 x1000x1150 mm
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    Delivery time 3 to 5 weeks
  12. Pallet box 1200x1000x815 mm UN-approved on 3 skids, lockable with lid and straps
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  13. Palletbox ADR-UN 1200x1000x1315 mm
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  14. Palletbox ADR-UN 1200x1000x820 mm
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