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The Transparent Front Cover Type 2 is a specialized, clear cover designed to fit storage bins measuring 500x310 mm. This unique cover offers an innovative solution to storage and organization, providing the dual benefits of protection and easy visibility of contents.

Weighing only 0.10 kg, this front cover is exceptionally lightweight, adding minimal weight to storage bins. This feature ensures it doesn't contribute significantly to the load, especially in storage systems where weight considerations are crucial, such as in transport or shelving.

Constructed from Polystyrene (PS), a durable and versatile plastic material, this cover promises strength and longevity. PS is known for its rigidity and resistant properties, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding bin contents from environmental contaminants like dust, debris, and spills, thereby ensuring the integrity of the items stored within.

One of the most distinctive advantages of this cover is its transparent nature. The clear material allows for the immediate visual identification of the bin's contents, facilitating quick access and inventory management. This is particularly beneficial in high-efficiency environments where time is a critical factor, as it eliminates the need to remove the cover to determine the bin's contents.

Moreover, the Transparent Front Cover Type 2 is designed for frontal application, meaning it's attached to the front of storage bins. This design is especially useful in stacked bin configurations or shelf-stored situations, as it allows for easy access to bin contents without the need to unstack or rearrange bins.

Aesthetically, the transparency offers a clean, streamlined look that complements various organizational setups. The clear material doesn't disrupt the visual uniformity of storage systems, making it suitable for professional environments keen on maintaining a particular aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Transparent Front Cover Type 2 is an excellent organizational accessory that marries functionality with simplicity. Its durable construction, coupled with its lightweight and transparent design, makes it an invaluable tool for efficient, accessible, and effective storage solutions.

Transp. front cover for Silafix 2

Article code: 3-376
High hardness, stiffness, clarity, and very lightweight
Transparent for better overview
100% recyclable and circular

Incl. Tax €4.84

Excl. Tax €4.00

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